Lancashire Consultants Dan & Craig Complete Tour De Youth Zone.

It was a bitterly cold October morning in Carlisle when Dan and I set out as part of the 20 cyclists en route to London. The pair of Axon Moore cyclists were among the most inexperienced in the group, in retrospect, ignorance is bliss.

The purpose of our ride was to raise money for the current 14 Youth Zones across the country and raise awareness of the fantastic work being done on the front line and behind the scenes of this social enterprise. Dubbed ‘Tour De Youth Zone’, the journey would take us 471 miles across the country, both urban and rural with plenty of challenges along the way. Each Youth Zone we would be greeted by a group of excited kids awaiting our arrival with high fives and millions of questions. Seeing and hearing first hand why these Youth Zones exist and how they have a positive impact on children’s lives highlight the importance of the charity. Each Youth Zone provides local young people aged between 8 and 19, or up to 25 with a disability, affordable access to high-quality sports, arts and leisure facilities and activities, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.  This universal offer is complemented by crucial, targeted services that support employability, wellbeing and health, helping those young people who need additional support.

It took the group five gruelling days to complete the ride, the final day battling through the congestion of central London before reaching our final point of the trip at the Croydon Youth Zone.

A fantastic adventure for an incredibly worthy cause. If you would like to learn more, take  a tour of your local Youth Zone, please contact Craig ( or Dan (