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My First 100 Days as a Recruiter at Axon Moore

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We sat down with our recruitment consultant, Jack Moss, to get a feel of his experiences from his first 100 days at Axon Moore. When he joined Axon Moore in July 2022, Jack had never worked in recruitment but he stepped up, dedicated himself and got stuck into the Transactional Finance and Part-Qualified markets across Lancashire.

Jack has had successes and challenges in equal measure during his first 100 days, but we're delighted that these experiences will help him develop into an even better recruitment consultant.

Here's what we learnt during our Q&A session with him:

Q1. As a graduate in Politics and Sociology what motivated you to get into recruitment?

A: Whilst studying at university, it became apparent to me that I would not have been able to help and improve people’s lives to the extent I want by pursuing a career in Politics or Sociology. I have always been keen to make a difference to people’s lives – having worked in an acquired brain injury rehabilitation unit alongside my studies – so a career in which I could help others find the right opportunity to make a success of themselves really appealed to me.


Q2: What drew you to recruitment and specifically Axon Moore?

A: After deciding that recruitment was going to be the line of work I ventured down, I interviewed at multiple firms across the North West. However, the impression I got was that I was going to become a small cog in a big machine, until I turned up at Axon Moore. As I learned more about the company, it became evident to me that Axon Moore was unlike its competitors in numerous aspects. The first was that they were specialists in an ever-growing and lucrative market. Secondly, the flexibility on offer was unrivalled by any other firm; not only can you work from home, but you’re welcome in each of the Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester and Yorkshire offices too. And finally, of course, the entrepreneurial aspect. The ability to earn commission on top of your salary is really empowering and means that I can determine my own personal and financial goals.


Q3: How have your first 100 days at the company been?

A: They’ve certainly been eventful! After an initial week of getting to know my new colleagues and getting familiarised with how processes run, I soon dived into the deep end to operate the transactional/part-qualified desk independently, despite still being a trainee. Since then, each week has been a real whirlwind, with numerous learning curves along the way. I got my first offer on day 24, however, I soon learnt the importance of resilience within recruitment... nothing comes easy! After a number of challenges and experiences in the days and weeks that followed, I can look back on my first 100 days in recruitment with pride having made 6 placements in total.


Q4: Have there been any key challenges you’ve had to overcome?

A: I suppose the key challenges I have faced so far has been primarily related to time. Since joining recruitment, I’ve noticed just how long – and short – a week actually is. Whether it be time waiting for feedback from CVs, time between interviews or time spent pondering over offers on the table already, managing time has probably been my biggest challenge as too much time means there are more possibilities of things going wrong, whereas not enough time can lead to uncertainty and doubt.


Q5: What are the best bits about working for Axon Moore?

A: The best part about working for Axon Moore, for me, is the people I work with. Not least because everyone has been so welcoming, friendly and approachable, but also due to the fact that everyone at Axon Moore is an absolute specialist at what they do. There’s a saying in sport, ‘to be the best, you have to train with the best.’ I believe this to be applicable to recruitment too. Hence, wanting to be a part of an incredibly successful, tight-knit team in Lancashire where my own development has been shaped by the incredible support, insight and mentorship afforded to me.


Q6: What is your favourite part of the role?

A: In terms of the actual role the best part of the job is when you can hear the absolute joy in a candidate’s voice after giving them news of an offer. Having worked for four years in rehabilitation, it was the human aspect of the role which first drew me to recruitment as the feeling of helping someone else achieve their goals is, for me at least, even more rewarding than achieving my own! So, when I get to break the news to a candidate that they have secured the job and the salary that they wanted, it makes all the stresses endured along the way so worthwhile.


Q7: What would you say to someone considering joining Axon Moore as a recruiter?

A: If you want to be part of a successful, friendly and collaborative working environment then definitely consider joining Axon Moore. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging and there is a genuine feel of collective team spirit. I felt at home almost straight away. I’ve met some great people already, colleagues, candidates and clients, but getting to do so whilst working towards my own financial goals makes it even better.