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International Women's Day 2023 - Embracing Equity

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​Embracing workplace equity and creating an environment for women to succeed is a key priority for Axon Moore. 60% of our workforce are women and we are striving to create a culture that is inclusive, supportive, flexible and more than anything one that recognises talent not gender.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and this years theme of embracing equality we spoke to some of the team to about what its like to work in recruitment, how they balance work & family life and what more the sector can do to help support women.

Jessica Coleman, Associate Director: “Being a woman in recruitment isn’t something new, but to do it full-time and with two children under five is rare. Balancing work life and family life is never easy, especially when, like me you have just returned from your second maternity leave and have a full-time, high-level recruitment role. What makes it achievable though, is working for a business that is not just supportive but recognises that being successful in work is just as important as success at home. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Having flexibility means I am more efficient and therefore effective with my time and am respected by both by peers and clients alike.”

Gill Bellchambers, Business Director:“The recruitment sector has changed significantly over the years but there is still space for improvement.  Many women post children, can find themselves stuck or worse still written off by their employer. Finding an employer who offers you the flexibility to do a school drop or work hours to suit you is a must. Working part-time also shouldn’t mean that your experience isn’t valued. Luckily for me, I work within a business that has allowed me to find my feet post children, given me the flexibility I required, while recognising the impact I can bring. I am now one of two females on the board, and hope that I can act as a mentor to help younger women develop in the sector.” 

Louise, Stowe, Associate Director: “It’s simply amazing being able to work for a business that is so pro women.Looking at our leader board for last year, 60% of the top billers were women – which is incredible. Several of us work part-time and are still able to achieve the results we have and that is simply because we work for a business that trusts us to deliver but in a way that works for us. As a business we offer everyone a work life balance, and hybrid working, so we get the crucial face-to-face time we need, but then still can manage home and family life.”

Harriet Busby, Business Manager: “It’s an exciting time to work within the recruitment sector, and personally being a woman hasn’t impacted my career. It at times can be a male dominated sector with some pre-existing stereotypes, but for me this hasn’t hindered me or held me back from new opportunities. A key part of my career success has been working for a business that promotes work life balance and has encouraged me to progress and develop, but also to pursue the next level of opportunity.”

Laura Leslie, Cheshire & Merseyside Director: “The recruitment sector was predominantly male-dominated when I started in the profession, it was hard for a younger woman to find her place, let alone succeed. Personality traits such as empathy and compassion were seen as a weakness, and if you had a family, well then, your career was over. Over the past 15 years the industry has significantly changed and there are women succeeding and progressing and I believe I am a true example of this. I have a family but have also progressed to senior role within a brilliant business and those traits that I was once encouraged to lose, are now what has made me successful and able to build a strong and trusted client base.  As a director at Axon Moore, I try to instil confidence into my team and show them they no matter on their gender or their homelife they can succeed and that all it takes it having the right attitude and a can-do mindset.”


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